Where do I find the auto pilot panel in the Beech Baron 58 in X-plane 11

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asked Jan 8 by rmiddag (12 points)
Where in the cockpit are is the auto pilot panel in the Beech Baron 58. I am unable to find it. None of the references in the X-plane manual are visible in the Baron Cockpit.

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answered Jan 10 by marys54 (76 points)
It is in the center pedestal, below throttle/prop/mix levers.
commented Jan 10 by rmiddag (12 points)
Yes I see it, thanks much! I don't see any way to input heading or altitude or any of that data. Is there a master power switch that I am missing? I hear the click sound when clicking on each switch but see nothing.
commented Jan 10 by marys54 (76 points)

It is not as intuitive as, let's say, 737's autopilot, where you can input headings and altitudes straight in.

On this one, you set the heading with the heading bug on the heading indicator(right hand side knob), or in NAV mode by either NAV(for VOR) or GPS. When it comes to altitude, first you climb with UP/DOWN buttons set vertical speed and as you approach your desired altitude, you just press ALT button to hold it. At least I do it that way. It requires some practise.

Happy flying.
commented Jan 10 by rmiddag (12 points)
Thanks much, that is exactly what I needed to know! I appreciate your taking the time to respond.

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