My assigned "fix all systems" keyboard shortcut doesn't fix dateref sim/operation/failures/rel engsep0=6?

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asked Feb 7 by AH1F (23 points)

Is there a work around for this, other than exiting the flight and reloading it? (something I can do in flight; or maybe a plugin that simply keeps the failures fixed). 

This failure (sim/operation/failures/rel engsep0=6) still occurs when engine separation is set to "always working" 

I'm flying the R66. Any ideas?

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answered Feb 12 by edwardwilliam (14 points)

If a crash takes place, try to disable the most modern plugins hooked up via x-plane plugin menu, or by uninstalling them. Essay Help In UK preferred this technique will assist you to cut down the possibilities and discover the guilty plugin or addon. Once you've got diagnosed it, you need to touch its developer. 

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answered Feb 8 by jroberts (15,915 points)
This issue appears to be specific to that plane so you will need to contact its developer. The default plane with the most engines is the B-52 with 8 engines and I could not reproduce this. I failed all engines, then returned to the flight and used the fix all failures key I assigned. Everything was repaired as expected.
commented Feb 8 by AH1F (23 points)


Thanks for responding to my questions. I appreciate it. I shot an email to Carenado/Alabeo to see if they had some custom dref (or something) overriding rel engsep0=6. No word. 

Also, it may be helicopter specific problem due to mast bumping. I minimized the occurrence of the failure (In planemaker;  ...I believe it was due to mast bumping in the helicopter), I think, by increasing the degrees of pitch/roll the helicopter can incur before mast bumping takes place. 

I believe I may have found another bug. This one in planemaker. When you hover, with your cursor, over degrees/pitch option in planemaker; a context window says you can set values to 0 to eliminate mast bumping completely. But, if I save it as 0, planemaker changes the value back to whatever it was to begin with, when I save.

Best and Thanks

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