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I've got the problem that I'm fighting with very low fps rates while running X-Plane. It is not a plugin-issue and I don't understand of what this can possibly be caused. I moved X-Plane to a fresh SSD, even re-installed x-plane several times! As you can see, my CPU can reach up to 4.7 GHz - but X-Plane does only use like 10%. My whole system is water-cooled and the temps are very low while running x-plane. My settings are - i think - quite acceptable for my system: http://prntscr.com/kms1r6

I hope you can help!

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Do you have any plugins? They weigh the SIM down a lot
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Nah, as I said, its not a plugin issue :/

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Try turning on and off Threaded Optimization in Nvidia settings for X-Plane 11.30. It used to be before 11.30 that turning it off helped a lot with fps but now turning it on may help a lot. You could also make sure that all power conserving settings are off and set to performance. Also try if it is on, turning off Vsync in X-Plane settings.

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