in the file a flight plan can altitudes be assigned to various waypoints besides the cruising altitude

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asked Jun 2, 2017 by ronb62 (21 points)
I want to assign altitudes to various waypoints on approach as does the FMC. Is it possible? or can the FMC plan be transported into the filing stage as is possible with 124thatc. (124thatc constantly crashes my computer) I constantly get put on visual, vectored when I have a perfectly good programmed ILS.

1 Answer

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answered Jun 15, 2017 by jroberts (16,905 points)
No, only a cruising altitude can be entered when using ATC. If you want to fly a specific flight plan with the FMC and ATC keeps getting in the way (it is no where near as good as real people are) I would recommend not using ATC.

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