you need to had "does this engine have pylon" in plane maker.

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asked Jun 9, 2017 by f3rank (12 points)
you had this in XP10. planemaker now adds a pylon for every engine, even if that engine should not have one. Planes like B727 or DC10 show a pylon for center engine floating in space.
commented Jun 20, 2017 by jroberts (16,905 points)
Is there a v10 plane that "grows" an extra pylon if the v10 plane is opened DIRECTLY in x-plane 11 without modification via v11's plane-maker? If there is, we'd like to look at the plane. Please send a copy of a plane with this issue and the steps you take to see the problem to

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answered Jun 16, 2017 by jroberts (16,905 points)
I have filed this as a bug report.
commented Aug 27, 2017 by Felis (10 points)

Hello. Trying to modify my v10 Tu154 in PMv11 and have those checkboxes "Engine Has Pylon" missing. This aircraft has 3 engines on its tail and i need to remove the middle engine's pylon somehow.

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