Saitek pro flight panels not recognized by xplane 11

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asked 4 days ago by Rszpila (12 points)
Xplane 11 is not even seeing the pro flight panels.  I have installed the 64 bit plug in.  The computer sees the and they are working g in fsx Steam.

1 Answer

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answered 4 days ago by glenfer (483 points)
edited 4 days ago by glenfer

Hi Rszpila,

All of the experienced Flight simmers using a Saitek system have dumped the software and downloaded other software which works.

Try the following for a solution to your problem which can be found at

Also if you go back and click on the pro-flight "tag"created with your question you will find answers for others who have had the same problem.  The Laminar Research responses have been provided by jroberts.  Other have also responded.

Hope it works for you.


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