MAC High Sierra issue

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asked Oct 9 by alessandro61 (12 points)

Hello, I'm playing X Plane 11.05 with MAC OS High Sierra last update and I still have many issues. It is quite a nonsense trying to fly with.

Thanks and regards.


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answered Oct 11 by jroberts (14,323 points)
We are aware that many people are experiencing graphic issues with High Sierra. We have been investigating, and have heard that the next update (which is still in beta) should fix some of them. Unfortunately our developers that are using High Sierra are not experiencing these issues.
commented Oct 14 by flacowboy (16 points)
You are correct I am runung XP 11 on High Sierra with no issues. There are some processes on the Mac that need to be disabled on the Maac to get it working correctly.....
commented Oct 15 by PJONC (26 points)
Could you tell me what processes need disabling , as nothing I have tried has worked

Regards .
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answered Oct 15 by flacowboy (16 points)
First try disabling time machine and all the Adobe process from startup. Worked great for me.
commented 4 days ago by PJONC (26 points)
Do you have an Nvidea or AMD GPU? I have done what you suggested and it made no difference. I have 2 Macs, both with Nvidea hardware and X-plane refuses to run under High Sierra on both .  

Presently running OS 10.13.1V2 & X-plane 11.10b4, if anything the updates are making things worse. With Apple not releasing another update maybe to the new year X-plane may have to enter the recycling bin for now.

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