So the legendary gear bug in Replay Mode is not fixed in 11.10 ?

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asked Oct 12, 2017 by branislavmilic (163 points)

So we can play with the colors of the sky, play with different liveries, have light effects on the fuselage, have different renderings of the clouds... all these stuff outside of the cockpit that are really not important if they are not 100% realistic... but to have a realistic gear behaviour in Replay Mode so we can judge the quality of the touchdown, so we can make tutorials/presentation videos... no... that's not important:

Why zillion things are so important outside the cockpit but not on the plane itself?

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answered Oct 12, 2017 by HighFlyer69 (149 points)
People don't notice minor things like this. I never had this problem, no bugs for me. Of course weather, lighting etc. is more important.
commented Oct 12, 2017 by branislavmilic (163 points)
Hahaha What do you say? Show me a video where the balancing gear of a B747, B777, A330 behaves correctly in Replay Mode.
commented Oct 12, 2017 by HighFlyer69 (149 points)
I don't pay attention to these things.
commented Oct 12, 2017 by branislavmilic (163 points)
And I do. And all makers of cinematic clips/flightsimmers who would like to review their landings do.

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