Xplane crashes whole pc, any help?

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asked Mar 4 by lucas443 (17 points)
hey ,

i freshly installed windows amd then i thought i will try out xplane. After a couple of minutes flying i randomly get low fps and my whole pc switches off. Its a high end pc, my settinfs are mid high.

the log wont update because yeah the whole pc switches off and then the log doesnt get safed.

would appreciate help.


commented Mar 11 by chockey (20 points)

The whole computer switching off sounds like a hardware problem. A couple of things to check:

  1. Are your fans spinning? Are the heatsinks and vents clear of dust? Computers will shut themselves off to prevent heat damage.
  2. Is this a custom built PC? Is the CPU heatsink seated properly with proper thermal paste application? What temperature does your CPU report?
  3. Does your power supply have a high enough wattage rating?

Do you play any other games or do any other intense processing? It may be that your computer's temperature or power usage is fine under normal loads (Windows, web browsing, etc) but X-Plane stresses the system enough to expose those issues.

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answered Mar 5 by Anastasiaamanda12 (12 points)

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commented Mar 5 by lucas443 (17 points)
Well that cant be the solution After buying xplane for 60€....
commented May 7 by liteblue (10 points)

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