Xplane 11VR6 and Rift - Not working after certificate issue was resolved and software updated

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asked 4 days ago by Frontwave (12 points)
Was working well and I had made numerous flights in VR until the rift certificate issue which temporarily made Rift users unable to use their headsets until a fix came out a day after. Upon the fix the VR component of Xplane stopped working.

1. Main VR screen in hanger works fine. Can select flight details and will then attempt to load.
2. When loading is complete at first it looks ok although the view is somewhere outside the cockpit. Upon attempting to press any buttons on the rift controller to "get yourself back in the pilots seat" the program hangs and nothing happens.
3. I cannot select any menus using the rift controllers.
4. Xplane runs fine with VR disabled.

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