X-Plane 11 Crashing

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asked 4 days ago by BlazzerOne (12 points)
Hello, my X-Plane is crashing when loading a specific Airport. In my case it is LGRP (Rhodes in Greece) I tested it with many different airplanes (default and addon planes) and of course I disabled any custom sceneries. All works fine at any other location. When I load the Location XP finishes loading then I am standing on the Airport and a few seconds later XP crashes to the blue X-Plane screen and says XP has crashed. Can this be related to default scenery? I uninstalled hole Europe and reinstalled it again with the Installer but just before it finished it says there was an error installing the scenery because the downloaded scenery is damaged.

Any ideas?

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answered 4 days ago by amelingu (3,417 points)
Hi, you should try these 2 steps :

Delete the entire ...\X-Plane 11\Output\Preferences folder

Run the installer so that every file can be checked and replaced if needed.

For more help, please attach the ...\X-plane 11\log.txt file generated when trying to load a flight at LGRP.

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