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I have latest IOS and X-Plane 10 mobile versions. Problem did not occur prior to last X-Plane update. Turning yoke all the way to the left barely keeps plane on runway. Using rudder slider is too sensitive, so plane goes back and forth across the runway even into the grass - virtually uncontrollable. All trims are set in normal position. I can get airborne but it is very unstable on the ground. Once in the air, the problem goes away.
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Which specific aircraft are you trying?
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I think this is a feature of a single engine plane, it mentions this in flight school

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I fly the Beechcraft Baron B58 most of the time and the veer to the right is very severe with this plane and the other light aircraft.  The bigger jets do not veer quite as much.
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In my 10.7.0 version for android it's only with cessna 172sp.I ussualy fly on a King Air and it's OK.

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