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Dear XP support,

i'm getting very poor sound quality with all jet airliners aircraft (stock).

Specially with 747 sound is so so laggy and with a lot of jerkiness (i get 20-25 fps), when from idle i set engines to the 100% the increase of engine sound frequency is not smooth but jagged.

For understanding better, the engines, from idle to 100% of thrust take about 20 sound frequency change.

And globally i heard the engines sound like a 8kHz sampling.

It's normal this behaviour?


Many thanks,




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I notice some "jagged" or halting sound spool up right when the aircraft is first loaded. The only default aircraft that has had a sound overhaul so far for the new FMOD sound engine is the C172, so I think this will probably be fixed once the 747 is reviewed and updated for new sounds. So I don't have an answer right now on why this is happening and can only ask for patience while we work towards updating the entire fleet.