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When I start takeoff with boing 737-800 and set press CMD button to enable autopilot after 1 or 2 minute the plane didn't continuous the path of trip,  I mean for example ( if the next waypoint is 10 nm)  after that the distance is increased not decrease)

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Hi, have you checked all the tutorials available on YouTube?
There is also a manual in "X-plane 11\Instructions" folder.
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Have you tried using Heading mode temporarily instead of LNAV? When nearly at the next waypoint switch back to LNAV, to see if it will then follow the route. If it still won't then on the LEGS page of FMC replace the waypoint it won't follow with the one after that. When replacing the top waypoint it is a bit different than a lot of payware aircraft compared to the default. I cannot remember exactly the name of the key to press but this key has to be pressed first to enter the next waypoint on the route. Will it follow after that?
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DIR INTC button. That is the button that has to be pressed to bring a waypoint forward and replace existing.

I tried a new flight myself and had similar problems to you. So my answer won't help. It won't follow a route.