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I was wondering if there were programs or updates available to get real AI traffic with the different airlines out there with the current liveries, just like some FSX programs have. If there are programs or updates that offer this, this is the game for me.


Hopefully, I can get a lot of traffic out of big airports such as SEA, MCO, JFK, ATL, etc.

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Hi, it does exist, it's called X-life and there is a free version :
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I appreciate your response! I have a quick follow-up question: is it realistic enough that I won't be seeing airlines at airports where they shouldn't be? An example would be a United A320 in the old tulip livery at Hamburg airport.
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The liveries are quite accurate I think. I tried it 1 year ago and didn't like so much the way aircraft were moving. So I don't use it anymore You should check that very good review, but bear in mind that it might have been improved since then :