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I have been trying out the King Air on my mobile app. I noticed it floated down the runway and would not stall to land.

So, to test it and find the stall speed, I took it to altitude, pulled the throttle to idle, dropped the gear and pitched to 10 degrees. I did not use flaps at all since I thought 43 degrees of flaps was causing me to float down the runway. After about 3 minutes, the airplane settled in at 79/80 knots and had a climb rate between 80 - 130 fpm.

Overall this is not a question but perhaps more of a bug, unless the real King Air really is the only airplane on the planet that can maintain 80 knots and a 100 fpm climb rate without power and with gear down :-)
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For me that same problem does indeed occur, I think that's just a problem with the coding of the game. The baron b58 which I'd say is a more fun aircraft personally (also because of the manipulator buttons) does not have that problem. I'd suggest giving that a shot, see how it fits you.

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