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As stated above, in order to get separate voice(headphones) and engine (main audio ambient sound)- I use the server's audio in the headphones, and an external visual client for the ambient. I works great until I switch the landing gear up- the LG sound triggers once-then again on clients. What are my options regarding separating voice from engine on a setup such as mine? Are there any plans to make this an option in the X-Plane settings itself to alleviate such workarounds? I have tried all my clients and the server is the only pc that does not play the landing gear sound twice. (of course).

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Hi Fred,

Unfortunately, X-Plane does not support splitting its sounds into multiple audio devices.

Are you using a multiple PC set up running different copies of X-Plane and networking them together to get your sound work around? If so, please describe each set up in a bit more detail for me to investigate.

If you have found another sort of work around, we will not be able to help troubleshoot it as we don't support hacking the sound in any manner.
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Thanks but I just went back to using the server for ambient audio. I was however successful in splitting my headset between two pcs for simultaneous use. That way I can just hear my networked pc's atc program audio (Pilot2ATC) and not have server engine noise. In addition when I use Pilotedge on server pc I am able to use the dropdown menu in the PE client to choose separate audio device, Pilot2ATC also handles ATIS so I can hear that from client pc without hassle...thus a viable workaround for separating Radio and Engine in XP. [for anyone else using multiple pcs and looking for splitting audio.]