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I am trying to install xPlane on a iMac with Intel Core i7 processor with AMD Radeon HD 6970M 2048 MB graphics chip

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Please try double clicking on the DVD in finder and then trying to copy all the files to a new folder on the desktop. If it succeeds, then the error was most likely temporary. If you get the same problem again, the DVD may be defective and eligible for replacement.
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I tried that and it seems as though the file s that I tried to copy to desktop are corrupt and can't be read
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Sounds like a problem with the disc and not an install fluke. Please contact [email protected] about a replacement order. (At the moment I only have access to links that would require you to pay for a replacement disc.)

I would mention in the first sentence that Jennifer helped you determine the discs appear defective so they don't make you go through the whole test again. :)