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I get random view changes in my cockpit and out of it when my Saitex X52 is plugged in, disengaging it the views become stable and can be changed manually, as soon as i engage the X52 the random views start again, the only option is to quit the game.

installed X plane -11 three days ago and its the only issue I have, but been unable to fly.

X 52 worked in X plane 10 no problems at all.

Its a common issue so I have read but no one from what i can read has come up with the cure.

Appreciate any help

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My guess would be a button on the X52 has been assigned to change the view. This assignment may be an accident so any time it's used the change surprises you.

Try resetting your preferences to see if it goes away. I believe you can reset only the joystick prefs by going to Output > preferences and moving the X-Plane Joystick Settings.prf out of the folder or deleting it.
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Thank you, it was my mouse that was effecting it, all soerted now and thank you for your reply to my question.