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I know that we can display for instance the map on a second monitor or we can also use the iPad app to take control of the plane. But what I would like is to have on one display a external view (for instance 4) and on the other display the cockpit view. Is it possible ?

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No this is not possible in X-Plane when using only one computer running one instance of the sim.
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I read in the user manual that we can connect 2 computers and each one shares in fact the same flight, from what I understood. Does that mean that on one computer I can have the cockpit view and on the other one I can choose the view that I want of the current flight?
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Yes, if you network more than one computer together, each one can show a different view. Please purchase a copy or license key for each computer running X-Plane at the same time however.
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The only reason why I want to do that is to video record a landing with the external view.

The problem is that there are many bugs in XP in Replay mode so gear with 4 or 6 wheels that should be tangling are not, so the only way to have these gears as they are in reality is to have an external view while I touchdown. The problem is that it is not easy to flare and touchdown while you are not in the cockpit.

So in order to try to have a realistic landing on video, I would have to buy all in double (XP, aircrafts, sceneries). Such a bug with the gear does not exist in other flight simulators.
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If there is a bug that you can reproduce consistently, with only default aircraft and scenery, please submit a bug report here with all the specific steps explained in detail on how we can see it as well. Screenshots of the issue if it's graphical or a copy of the replay would also be helpful. 

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Hi branislavmilic,

Have a look at the following youtube video from MIchael Brown at Xforce PC.  It may help solve your question/problem.  Xforce PC is the recommended company by Laminar Research for the supply of PCs in the USA.  The link can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GaoQR2KON98  The video is somewhat old ie XP11 Beta 5 but I would expect the official XP11 release version should work.

I am not connected with them or Laminar Research.

Hope this helps.


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Thank you but nope, that is 1 view split among multiple displays. My question is 2 views, one on each display. So the question remains: we can connect 2 computers and each one shares the same flight. Does that mean that on one computer I can have the cockpit view and on the other one I can choose the view that I want (not the cockpit) of the current flight?

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