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Hi guys,

do you reckon is it a better option to install x-plane in Steam, or the installer you've got should be good enough?



PS: I actually see it's 12€ por expensive on Steam than in your site lol

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Hi iec989,

Support the original developer ie Laminar Research, and buy the official version.

Laminar Research has no connection with the steam developers.  Steam is a 3rd party company taking a commercial advantage of the work carried out by Laminar Research in developing the X-Plane product being X-Plane 11 and earlier versions.

Should you buy the Steam product you will not get any support from Laminar Research for X-Plane 11.  The only support you may get will be from fellow flight simmers.

I am not associated with Laminar Research

Hope this  helps you in making a decision on what version to purchase