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I have two laptops in slave mode for instruments and map. There is occasional stuttering on the slave machines at normal airspeed, but on increasing the groundspeed to 2x, 4x or 6x  the map jumps alarmingly and the instruments go mad on the slave computers. One or both of the slaves then invariably crash. Is this a bug or just a feature of slave mode operation?
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Hi, I would recommend to include the X-plane/log.txt, so that this can be taken into account more easily by Laminar Research.

And if applicable :
"FOR ALL CRASH REPORTS include the .rpt file in Output/Crash Reports if the automatic crash reporter came up, and please do submit the bug automatically with the report form."


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As Guillaume notes, please make sure to complete and send the automatic crash report if it comes up. If you can consistently reproduce this issue please file a bug here. Include the log.txt from all computers and the exact steps you take to set up your network arrangement and then to cause the crash.

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I have sent the automatic crash report many times.  This problem has occurred with my previous master computer and my current machine. It also occurs on either of my two slave laptops and happens regularly every time I increase the groundspeed to x6. Can you tell me if the problem is replicated on any of your systems or am I unique?
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The automatic crash report does not include your exact steps or details on your networking setup. In order to replicate the situation, you will need to file a bug report as requested above and provide as much detail and exact steps as possible for us to try to reproduce a similar set up and steps "in the lab."
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