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I have copied the folder for this plane to the airplane folder in xplane 11 folder but i am unable to see it as an option to select when i start a new flight -

I own this plane and would like to use it for the sim i am setting up with a new license of xplane 11 that i have purchased recently.

thank you.

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When selecting the aircraft, you need to tick the box "Show extra aircraft from old versions" in the top right corner.


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Thanks Guillaume - I did tick that but still the plane is not visible - are there any specific steps documented somewhere to make sure i have the proper way to do this?
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It's because the plane is not compatible with X-plane 11 yet. Very often, aircraft for X-plane 10 are not compatible with X-plane 11.
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To add to Guillaume's comments, when we say "in general, planes from X-Plane 10 will work with X-Plane 11" we specifically mean "planes updated for X-Plane 10.30 and later."

I checked out this specific plane, and it was created for an older version of X-Plane. You may be able to get it to work by opening it in the latest Plane Maker for X-Plane 10, saving it, then trying it again in X-Plane 11.