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i have x plane 11 and none of my custom scenery is loading into the sim. i put the scenery into the custom scenery folder but when the sim is loaded it just shows the general scenery that came with x plane 11.

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Hi, hope this link can help :

In addition to that, I have noticed that when placing airports in X-plane 11/custom scenery, it can be sometimes useful to rename the airport folder with the prefix "airport_", or anything you like provided that it places your airport folder before the global scenery folder (in the alphabetic order).

If all items are well named and organised in the custom scenery folder, to respect the following order :
Global airports
UHD mesh
You can then delete X-plane 11/custom scenery/scenery_packs.ini instead of editing it.

Restart X-plane, it should work.

PS : always read the included instructions when you download a scenery package. Some require additional libraries and sometimes plugins.

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