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Often ATC will assign an altitude that is BELOW the FAA recommened  for the terrain I am flying over. The results are: 1 - a paint rub on the bottom of my plane if I am VFR or 2.- a BIG CRASH if IFR  enroute desending for an app On enroute low altitude charts (US), the recommended SAFE altitudes are listed on the victor airways and the Terminal Procedure charts all have Min Safe Alt within 25 NM._-So the  question  is, WHY does X-Plane not want to adhere to these SAFE Alt  guides to make it an Ultra-Realistic FS ???

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Because it is not programmed to do so. It will hopefully be in the future!

Happy flying, Jan
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Thanks Jan.

 I know you will surprise me when it is programmed correctly.

Have a nice day !!!!


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