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For me, having to make screen selections (menu items, etc.)  is extremely difficult with XP11's current GUI color combinations: typically, dark blue on dark gray or black. Trying to select a runway from the display of a complex airport is a visual struggle for me. I've noticed that a lot of Windows 8/10 apps tend to use similar color schemes. Is this problem widespread or is the human race's visual spectrum changing?

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Grays & blues do seem to be trendy colors right now. We have tried to ensure that the UI follows best practices for color contrast to help make the text easy to read.

It is not possible to change X-Plane's UI colors. If you have difficulty with them, have you tried using full screen sim mode & increasing the UI size?
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Hi, you could try to toggle the night vision, it works in the GUI and it gives a different colour scheme. Maj+N or vue menu, night vision.

Is it easier to read this way?

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