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Just bought x plane 11 on DVD and included is a card which says go to

www.x-plane.eu/registration, but however I type in the registration key it

wont except it. Why is this so?

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Hi bartym,

I got caught the same way and enquired by an alternative means to this forum.  

It is not a registration key for the running of x-plane.  It is a 'market" ploy key for the seller of the software which, if like me, is aerosoft.  There is no connection between both parties other than aerosoft being an official or authorised reseller of the software for Europe and the Pacific Region on behalf of Laminar Research.  

I have been advised by Laminar Research there is no registration key for the DVD version unlike the digital download version.  You will have to insert disc 1 into your DVD drive every time you run X-Plane.  A pain in the backside.  Unlike version 10 there is no home use USB dongle available.  When it will be available, if at all, who knows?   A sideways step at present.

Chin up.

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Ok thanks for that, but just one other point, you say I have to insert disc 1 every time, yet I haven't done that and it still seems to work ok, Or am I missing out on something?


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Hi Bartym,

The "insert disc 1 " comment was the official word from Laminar Research.

I am concerned about maintaining the quallty of the original disc 1  and I don't like the idea of having to insert the disc each time. Although I have probably opened XP11  5 times the only time I have been asked for the disc is when there was an upgrade.  I am hoping the supplier, being Aerosoft, have added a hidden over-ride file that negates the need to insert disc 1 each time I run the software.  I will only insert the disc when required.

There may be  other users of the same product who can shed more light on the situation.

Safe flying.


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