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People on the Org are really getting into photoscenery big time.  It does look good if done well.  But it takes a long time to dowload and takes up alot of storage.  People are going out buying external hard drives with lots of Tb.  So I was wondering, what does LR think of it?  More specifically, is anything happening in the future development of XP by LR such that photoscenery will not be needed in future?  Cheers.

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As you note, nice orthophoto scenery is very large and is a resource and space hog. The default world scenery is already big enough, so LR has no plans to ever implement orthophotos by default.

We're always looking for ways to make the sim more like the real world, and if we want better default scenery the way to get it is to have our artists make better layers for autogen. However we are a pretty small team and have a limited amount of time and person hours to make all the improvements we and all our fans would like! :)