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I am buying X-plane 11 now from x plane website but would like to know beforehand if I buy it from the site does it include the addons that come with steam or aerosoft's version ?

Thank you

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Don't buy from Steam, buy directly from Laminar Research : X-plane 11 Digital Download, in the top right corner of that page :

It includes the whole world and everything that can be bought through Steam can be bought from the respective developers websites too.

-You will directly support Laminar Research (I'm not part of the team, I'm just a normal user)

-You will receive final and/or beta updates earlier

-You won't have a 5Gb program in between, adding more layers and more possibilities to encounter malfunctions

-You will understand better the structure of the Simulateur, which is always an asset if you want to install addons properly.

-THE website for third party addons is anyway. Starting from there, you can reach almost everything.

Just look for "Steam" on this forum if you want to read more about it.

Welcome to X-plane community :)
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Hi Amelingu and thank you

one last question before buying can you please tell me I've been reading about the ortho photo scenery and to honest I haven't read much about it yet but I have a grasp of how it works as I tried something similar in fsx some years ago and I think this works more or less the same way.

What I'd like to know is, if I want only the photo scenery of, say the UK, does this mean many gb's in size and does this photo scenery also include night scenery, I mean lights, road traffic, etc ?

Thank you

Edit: Brought it from that link, thank you.
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I don't know how photosceneries work on FSX, but you should consider 2Gb per tile (1°X1° of lat lon) for a zoom level 16. That's a lot of storage for a whole country. Only one season is generally treated, even though the possibility of modeling seasons is now implemented in x-plane. Night textures are not used for terrain, X-plane renders the scenes by night with a technology called HDR instead.

One good thing to know is that you do not need to have your photosceneries installed on the same drive as X-plane : In "Custom scenery" folder, you can palce shortcuts instead of the actual scenery package. But we are getting out of subject on this thread ;)
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Great, thank you


Looking forward this sim looks really amazing