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I am running x-plane 11 using an iMac computer and an iMac keyboard without the number pad.  I cannot get the simulator to remember the changes I have made to selected views while trying to set up the QuickLook function.  This keyboard does not have a "mum lock" feature and it will not save the changes I have made to any views.  I hold the control key and press the corresponding #key to save changes but it doesn't save the changes.  Does anyone else using a Shortened iMac Keyboard have a solution to this problem.

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Hi, You can change the assigned keys to these functions in settings, keyboard, view.
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Thanks for the help, however, I did a search on my Mac and I can't find anything that will allow me to change the keyboard setting.  Not that I could figure out anyway.  Solved the problem though.  Bought a new Apple keyboard with the numbers pad.  QL seems to work, I've only tried one view so far but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they all work as advertised.

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I can now get it to work on the new keyboard, but I can't get it to work with the Joystick buttons, it keeps reverting back to the preset views when I use the Joystick, and when I use the number pad it goes back to my modified views.  What the heck am I doing wrong?????  I thought it would go back to the views I set on the joystick??
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Can you be more precise? Screenshots of your settings and/or videos of what you do and what you get in x-plane are almost necessary, if you want Laminar Research to be able to help you.

It has to describe very precisely what you do, where, when, how.
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Not going to worry about it for now, just going to take the apple keyboard back and buy a standard keyboard with a number pad.

What it is doing is:  It will not go to saved (altered) view with the joystick buttons.  It will go back to the view I have saved when I use the #pad but not when I use the joystick.
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Finally figured it out.  You have yo set the view the way you want it then assign it to a key on the number pad.  Once that was done I did a search  on the keyboard settings and discovered what the assignment was associated with.  Once I knew what it was assigned to I then went to Joystick configure and was able to associate everything.  Works fine now.