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I am on Linux. I can't see the crosshair or the mouse rectangle to fly with. Help! I tried the program on a Mac and was able to find the crosshair and rectangle, but not on the Linux version.

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It can be pretty faint and hard to see depending on what's behind it in the scene. Try changing the view, time of day or the weather set up to try to make it more visible. Sometimes just clicking near the center of the screen will catch it and bring up the box so there's more on screen to see.
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I am 98% sure the box is not actually there physically irrespective of its color and that's why I can't see it let alone click on it.

I was told that if I had any "hardware" plugged into the USB ports, the "fly w/ the mouse box" will not even come up. I do have a mouse plugged in, which is precisely the device I want to use to fly with. I also have a USB memory stick plugged in. I definitely have nothing else plugged in though. No joysticks or anything. This is Ubuntu Linux.

Please advise. I urgently want to play and can't control my plane!
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Goodluck with this mate, Hope someone can help you out soon.
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A mouse or a USB storage device will not "count" as a flight device. 

For further investigation, please file a bug report here. Include a copy of the log.txt, and some screenshots, perhaps at different times of day, showing the box missing.