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The philosophical question of the day: if the team has list of priorities, why nice airports (thus stuff outside the plane) are so important and make the news for an update but the gears, lights, strobes,... ON THE PLANE are less a priority?

What's the point of having realism in sceneries but not on the external features of a plane?

I remind you that, from the beginning, there is something wrong in XP's Replay Mode that makes the gear, the lights, the strobes,... not behaving as they were during the flight. And that bug happens in any plane, is it from LR or third party. Developers say that the bug is in XP.

So imagine somebody from LR makes a demo of XP and praises its ‘realism" and wants to go back in Replay Mode when the gear left the ground or at touchdown... And we see this. Don't you think that there is a real issue here?

Watch at 1:07 https://youtu.be/c-kJC4elwXk?t=1m7s

In 2017, X-Plane shows a flat main gear in Replay Mode but the external part of the main gear should be balancing and should react as in the real flight. All other flight sims display the main gear correctly.

Same thing here at 40:04  https://youtu.be/gQ-2qem2X2E?t=40m4s

It's just terrible.

Here's a recap: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rpxbd-OPNtE

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I thinks it's more about flight dynamics than the way it looks... anyway it's a personal opinion like yours.

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The only answer we get from lr on issues is we are a small team and it's not priority at the moment.

Surely charging £60 for the software can enable you to employ more than a handful of people !
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If X-Plane cost 150 I would buy it anyway.
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So would I just frustrating how lr say there only a small team so can't do this or that. Why don't they employ more developers
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Money can be an issue. You need millions to pay 8 people full-time.

But what I really think is unacceptable is that they focus more on sceneries and weather than on the plane first. It's a flight sim first of all, and a weather/scenery appearance tool afterwards.

Life is like a movie: actors first, decor after.

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