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I have a MACbook pro with Safari and 16GB of ram. The CH yoke seems to work when I move controls at config screen. However, when I start flight, it does nothing ? I'm new to xplane and am running xplane11. What am I doing wrong ?
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Hello to you both.

I have the very CH yoke used in the demo and it functions perfectly in earlier releases of X-Plane up to and including the last release of X-Plane 10.50. It still works in it. But in X-Plane 11.00 to X-Plane 11.05r2, the sliders are giving me issues.

On the Laminar 747-400, the reverse thrust slider assignment functions but the speedbrake slider assignment does not function.

In my SSG 747-8i, the speedbrake assignment does work but the reverse thrust slider assignment does not work.

Two different aircraft providers are having Joystick assignment issues. Even the Laminar provided 747 aircraft has issues and it's their aircraft!

 I am constantly burning the SSG brakes as that's all I have to slow and stop the aircraft.

My submissions to the bug center  have not had much effect on the resolution. I submitted it 6 to 8 months ago.

I believe following the suggestion given by CaileanNZ may help you to some degree, depending on the aircraft you fly.


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Hi Mate,

Have you tried calibrating it in game? Or used the ("controls setup wizard" if you like) ingame? This could help.
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it calibrates in the sim but then won't do anything.