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Hello, I've been noticing that X-Plane 11 seems to be crashing /rebooting my desktop after a 20-30min flight. 

I was flying from TNCM to KMIA. For whatever reason it restarts. This happens in other areas too. I've done KSEA to PAJN etc and I notice the same thing. 

I'm attaching my Log file to see if that gives you any ideas? I've monitored the Temps on MB, GPU - and they all seem to be normal. Power Consumer seems to be in the normal range. 

Any thoughts / ideas on what could be going on? Is it really a Power Supply issue? Anyone seen anything else that helps? My graphic settings: HDR, Texture Max,AA 8x, world objects high and reflection - Medium. 

Windows 10
GPU - nVidia GTX 1080
CPU - i7-4770k
RAM - G-Skills - 16GB


imageDownload file


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Hi !

Have a look on your security program. I have the same problem and I found out that my Kaspersky doesn't allow XPLANE to start the netweork activity.

I have no solution for it now, only to stop my security program.

Hans-Peter Hamburg Germany
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hey i have exactly the same issue, did you find any solution?