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I am still a beginner at flying, and learn to fly by flying with my friends (they are very good at it).

So I learned the basics and made my first flights, but had one issue. I flew in a Boeing 737-800 and I got the information of the flight, that I had to type in my FMC. I could see on the map that there was a white line on my radar (the flight route), so I knew that the FMC was filled in correctly. When I was done with my FMC and autopilot and was done with the take off (so I was in the air) I pressed the CMD button following the LNAV and VNAV. The autopilot started to make a turn. But I noiticed that it wasn’t following the route at all. It was just going a whole different direction. My friends where doing the same route at the same time as me and for them it all worked correctly. So I tried to do the same route again, because maybe I accidentally did something wrong, but again the autopilot was just going a whole different direction. I tried to reinstall my game, but still got this issue. I’m running the latest version of X-Plane 11 (steam version). My friends checked what I’ve done and they said it was all correct, but it doesn’t work.


Does anyone know what the problem is and how to solve it?

Thank you.

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Did you activate the filght director?

Can you post a screenshot of your panel when everything is all set?
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I am NOT a Laminar employee, just a "user" like you.  I have published an entire series of videos on Youtube for Novices (NOOBS) regarding using the Default FMC and Autopilot in the 738 and MD80.  They may be of help to you.  Again, these are NOT official videos.  I suggest you watch the 3 part series first, then work your way up the list.  Matt

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