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I have Ortho 4xp scenery installed with GBProv2 and all has been working well till I did the latest update to 0.5.

I now have black tearing lines when taxing on the ground at specific locations. These lines extend away from the aircraft being used. I have tried to re install the specific Ortho 4 xp tile the tear happens with, but no difference. Any help appreciated.

Cheers Stewart
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Hi, can you add screenshots?
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Hi and thanks.

I have since discovered it is related to several specific aircraft addon's mainly Helicopter related. It is apparently related to the shadow effect which needs to be disabled in Plane maker and is a bug with Xplane 11.05. You can remove the problem by enabling  scenery 'cast shadows' and the shadow off the helicopter (external view) is very jagged but with a huge frame hit.

see this link:

You can make this shadow obviously shift in shape by changing the time of day and it becomes an extended spike being more pronounced looking like a long tear.

I am going to try and disable the shadow in Plane maker as they describe.

See also:

Cheers Stewart

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This is a good example of a bug issue that was probably not reported to Laminar Research through the proper channels. I don't see any record of a bug in our database for helicopter shadows, and if we don't know about it, we can't fix it!

All issues that appear between versions should always be submitted as bug reports through the form here! They are most likely regression bugs that we will try to fix in the next beta.