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I have a brand new Acer predator i7, 32GB, 512GB ssd, 2TB hard drive, gtx1070 and windows 10.

X plane crashes at startup or on running flight school. I've reverted to an earlier version of windows 10, installed the latest gtx1070 driver, changed power mode to gaming, overclocked the CPU and rebooted many times.

I bought this laptop specifically for gaming so am very disappointed.

Please help me. Thanks.
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Hi, we can't help you much if you don't include your X-plane 11\log.txt file.

What message do you get when it crashes, if you get any?
When precisely at startup, does it crash?
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Irun X Plane 11 and try to resume an existing (very short) flight but the blue progress bar gets halfway across the screen 'finishing asynchronous loading" or something and then the blue processing circle sits there with no progress on the blue bar. I kill the app after a few minutes of no progress.

The latest flight I did seemed to go ok apart from a flickering screen every minute or so.

Log file attached.

Strangely since I attached and configured a joystick X Plane has been a little more stable but I can't say I am confident in the stability at the moment.

I'll try a few more flights tonight and see how I go and try and identify any common issues but please I'd appreciate any feedback from the log file.

Also attached is a crash report from earlier this evening.






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Sorry,i can't see any log.txt.

What if you try to create a news flight, instead of trying and resume an existing flight?
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no joy this morning either. I've tried at least 10 times to either resume a prior flight, start a new flight, modify joystick preferences, I even managed to start a flight for around 30 seconds before the laptop went blank and wailed with a high pitched sound.

Log file attached.

I'm considering removing X Plane 11 altogether, re booting, updating windows and then re installing........ any other ideas?


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Hi again,

Nothing special in your log.txt, unless I missed something (I'm just a normal X-plane user).

-Make sure your GPU driver is up to date, as well as Windows.
-Run X-plane installer to update X-plane so that every file can be scanned and replaced if needed
-You could follow these guidelines for settings :
-you might also find an answer while browsing the following pages :

Beside that, I can't tell you more for now. All the best with that!