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When starting Xplane 11 with engines off I have lost nose wheel steering with all aircraft.  If I start Xplane with engines running the nose wheel steering is working fine.  Started all about a week ago.  Any thoughts?  Thanks
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Hi, did you have any joystick installed?
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I am using the CH Products Flight Sim Yoke with no rudder pedals.  I have not had any issues until about a week ago.  Updated X-Plane to 11.05.  Thank you.
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Thinking about that, I'm not sure it's related but now and then, my rudder pedals are inoperative when starting X-plane. Unplugging and plugging again the Saitek controller solves the problem. Next time it happens, I'll make sure I upload my log.txt here.
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I am facing a similar issue. Lost steering authority at low airspeed making taxiing impossible. I step fully on my Saitek rudder pedals, I see the rudder control surface and nose wheel deflect, but the aircraft refuses to turn properly; super slow response when taxiing slightly fast but almost not authority at normal taxi speed. This problem started a couple of days ago with all GA fixed wing planes, and I haven't really installed any new add-ons. I've done everything possible, and out of frustration deleted and reinstalled X-Plane 11 last night and tried again to no avail. The hardware seems to be working just fine considering that I see the nose wheel turn, but there is something not quite right anymore. The problem seems to disappear when I gain airspeed, such as rolling down the runway, then I regain authority but at the moment I'm only able to taxi with differential braking as normal steering is barely doing anything!  

I've searched endlessly last night for a solution and couldn't find any, I'm hoping there is some kind of a fix or pointer to what the problem is.
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I'm having the same issue.
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i need some help so i just recently downloaded the 737 900 ultimate and the front nose gear wont turn at all and now all of my aircraft's nose gear wont work i'm playing with a mouse that has a USB Hard drive i need some advice on how to fix it
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I am having that same issue with the same plane. Did you find a solution yet? This is to B737 900
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I´m flying on X Plane 10. When taking off, the nose wheel only responds a very low speed. As soon as the acceleration goes up, the plane goes to the left 90 degrees off the runway. Then, once running 40 or 50 mph it goes straight and makes possible to take off. Anybody: What can I do?
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I have the same problem on X-Plane 10 and Saitech controls. Hope anybody can help. Thankx

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Can you confirm all your settings were deleted when you reinstalled X-plane?

They are all stored in X-plane 11\Output\Preferences folder.

Anyway, deleting this entire folder would bring back default settings and very often solve a vast majority of problems. This could be something to be tried here.
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Yes I did delete the entire X-Plane 11 folder including the preferences and reinstalled a fresh new copy, but the nose steering is still not working properly. From the exterior view I can see the nose wheel deflected but the plane just doesn't turn :(
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Could it be a problem with the balance of your plane? Too much weight in the back of the aircraft?
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Problem fixed!!!!! The default key bind for my Warthog throttle had nose steering bound to my pinky switch! and I couldn't for the love of me figure out why a 172 would need a nose steering button in the first place. Ah well, I guess from what I've read is that it's a coding in order to tackle sensitive rudder or something like that not sure. Anyways, I hope this helps others!