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I have used FS to X-Plane then Overlay Editor to make a small gliding airfield in Scotland (not in default X-Plane). The grass runways and airfield road seem to have somehow got incorporated into some part of the custom scenery that I can't edit.

The whole airfield needs to be moved about 30 feet east to line up with an accurate X-Plane generated access road stub; but if I try the runways and airfield road don't move with everything else. I have had to put up with an airfield built around these wrongly placed roads plus the accurate short length of road showing nearby as well (in a field).

I tried selecting every scenery and library in Custom  including Global Airports and Open Scenery X but none of them have the roads and runways "live" and editable. Despite that - if I remove the whole of Custom Scenery these roads and runways vanish!! So they haven't been somehow incorporated into default X-Plane scenery but are "locked away" somewhere in the Custom Scenery folder

Any ideas? (BTW I tried using WED but it didn't even load any of the airports to let me edit them - so I used OE (easy)

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Hmm, I am a very accomplished scenery designer, but what you are describing leaves me a little confused.

The airfield you are trying to make is not in X-plane, yet the runway is in the custom scenery?

I think your problem is beyond this basic Q+A site, why don´t you go to the more dedicated scenery building site at I am sure people will help you there. Just some basic hints:

You can´t move the default X-Plane roads, but you can suppress them with an exclusion zone and "build your own" with asphalt polygons.

Your own custom airport will suppress any of X-Planes "default" airports, so if you see the runway in the wrong spot after adding it, you placed it in the wrong spot.

It sounds as if you have created the airfield, but now you can´t move it? I suggest you watch some tutorial videos on WED or OE, because it sounds like you are missing something very basic.

Good luck, Jan
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Thanks Jan - I am also confused by this!!! I imported some scenery using FS-X-Plane. This was a whole area with several airfields. The process stripped away anything un-convertable and I then used Overlay Editor to place (mostly just the buildings) accurately and remove FS runways and taxyways (no need for them).

OK so near EGPJ is a gliding site - unusual in having the access road (on the base X-Plane stuff) that continues as a dirt road bisecting the field to an ex-farmyard that is now club workshops (in microsoft FS.with a Scotland addon)

Just after using FS-X-Plane that road (and others around petrochemical sites etc became "sealed in"like I said originally - I also tried exclude zones but they still show - they are obviously not encoded as roads or runways now but are instead a sort of zombie code?

I am not a scenery designer - just someone who started to make a few extra 3d things around the UK and nowhere else has this happened.

The odd thing is that I can open every scenery in Custom and all show these items but none "own" them so none will let me move/delete BUT if I run XP without any custom stuff they dissapear!!!

I have posted on the scenery site you mention as well but I can't start a new thread for some reason. I tacked this onto something similar but old so maybe-maybe not an answer.

I was hoping to make Portmoak a freeware scenery but I want it to be perfect first.

Thanks anyway BTW I can't make WED do anything with this (or anything else yet - despite tutorials I don't get past the first screen).