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I discovered that you can run two instances of FMOD Studio simultaneously, and you can copy-paste a sound event from one instance to the other, thus saving a lot of time! However, I am concerned that doing so may violate the "unique GUID" rules. The two instances of FMOD Studio are using two different, unique "starter projects" templates, so I am hoping that the copy-and-pasted sound events do not also carry with them the sound bus GUIDS when pasted, thus violating the rule.

The reason I ask is that when a developer is going to release a new version of an existing model, and the new version uses the same "Master" and "GUIDS.txt" file as the older version, there is a serious potential for an FMOD GUID duplicate conflict in X-Plane if the end user did not delete the older version of the aircraft, correct?



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I checked with Chris, who's been handling FMOD for default aircraft. His answer is:

"Yes, maybe." :-D

If you use Copy/Paste from FMOD Studio….we trust that FMOD Studio will be smart enough to create NEW guids for the events. But if you are trying to copy/paste from the internal XMLs generated by FMOD Studio, that will certainly be a problem.
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Thank you for checking on this! I was able to confirm that when you copy a sound event from one FMOD Studio template to another, then query the two GUIDs for the events (using FMOD Studio or checking the two different SND files), the GUIDs are indeed different. So, it should be safe to copy and paste inside FMOD Studio. I'm sure it is a definite no-no to copy and paste from one SND to another SND, though.