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I bought the F22 Raptor in xplane10 on my iPad. However, I guess I was assuming that I could do what I used to do in xplane9, that is, select my plane, select my region, and fight a computer/AI opponent.

I can't see any way of doing this in xplane10.


Worse still, there are no challenges for the F22 Raptor which involve combat. Urm... Is this right?


Please tell me I'm being stupid and that the option is there somewhere, and that I haven't just spent £3.99 on an F22 Raptor which can't shoot anything?!

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Unfortunately, there are no combat challenges yet for the Raptor.

Combat is possible with the multiplayer feature! You'll need a Game Center or Google Play account set up and running, and an internet connection. Then you can connect with users all over the world to fight. You can check out this section of the mobile manual for more info.