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The same settings that run smooth as silk at 30+ FPS in my main Xplane 11 install, give me .4 and a nasty message with the beta 11b4 version. Turning the graphics down doesn't change anything. WHY?

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That's not really an answer at all.
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Fist of all, I'm not affiliated with Laminar Research.

My intention while sending this link was to show you that LR had already given plenty of communication about this kind of questions, and it's obvious they will not take it into account. So you really have 2 options, for your time not to be wasted :
- either you don't want to suffer all the inconvenience beta versions can bring and you can still revert to a stable version by unticking the beta box during the update process (just hoping you don't have Steam version).
-or you should give more details and at least include your log.txt, perform a calibrated fps test via command lines (this was also the purpose of the link). Make sure you have a clean default install, with everything up to date, otherwise Laminar Research will not take it into account. If the problem comes from a third party addon, you should contact the addon developer instead.

Your bug report will be more efficiently followed if filed here :

Best regards,
Guillaume AMELINE

PS : I didn't notice the FPS drop you are mentioning.

Another useful link for troubleshooting:
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That's not really an answer at all.
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Thank you Guillaume, that helps. I appreciate the time it took for the detailed response. I'm well over the recommended specs, so I'm a bit bit frustrated. I start at .8 FPS, and the framerate drops to .4 as I simply sit on the runway. Perhaps it simply doesn't like the AMD cpu. I'm going to try putting it on my P3D Intel machine. It is a little bit faster, it made a big difference for FSX, perhaps it will for X plane too.
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Yep, it doesn't like AMD. Moved the SSD to my Intel machine, and it's smooth as silk, with higher settings. LOL