X-Plane 11.1 Beta - Not Showing Up On My Mac

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asked Nov 15, 2017 by houst1423 (12 points)
Hi, so I recently saw the G1000 and airport updates in X-Plane 11.1. I gathered that it is out in beta form right now. I opened the X-Plane installer and scanned for updates both standard and beta, but it came up with nothing. It says there are no new updates. I'm using a Mac. Is the 11.1 release only on Windows/Linux right now? If so, when can Mac users expect to get in on the action? If it is out for Mac right now, what have I done wrong in trying to install it?



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answered Nov 16, 2017 by jroberts (17,499 points)

If you did not purchase X-Plane 11 through Steam, you can run the installer here. Pick the update option and make sure to check the box to get betas, otherwise it will only check for the latest stable version (11.05). I

f you want flying in X-Plane to be a fun experience though, I do not recommend getting the beta yet. They can be buggy and unstable. Everyone will automatically get a notice when it is released as a final version.

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