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since installing OS High sierra my XP 11 is unflyable is there anything I can do to improve this situation.
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XP 11 thru all its beta versions works great in High Sierra except for 11.10r1. There is a cursor problem in XP 10 but that is an Apple problem at this late time.  

If you have a specific problem using XP 11,  state exactly what the problem is and you might get some help.


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Hi jelkington,

I am not with Laminar Research and I am not a Mac user

Mac has changed their operating system after Xplane 11 was released. and you have obviously decided to upgrade.   There are others Mac users who are experiencing the same problem.  Scroll back through previous questions in this same forum.

A recent answer I saw was that Mac needs to talk/contact Laminar Research to solve the problem.  Until they do LR can't assist or solve your problem as I presume it is all about software coding.



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Hi mate,

As Glenn said, If you go and look at older questions you'll find others with same problem. My suggestion at this time would be to rollback to previous OSX version until problem confirmed fixed. (Provided you made a backup before upgrading...) Im also not with LR either.