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Hi every body,

I am a new user of X Plane 11. And i have many différents problems with it. 

1.My CH Yoke, ailerons and Elevator are not working. The values in the boxe in the left corner of the screen are not changing except for the rudder.

2. When i look to the configurations of the joys sticks, i see at he bottom right corner this warning in rose :   Multiple axes assigned to pitch, roll, prop, mixture. Your controls might not work correctly. ​I think that is where my problems come from but i don't know what to do with it.

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Hi Jacomo, 

I think you're right--that multiple axis warning will prevent things from working correctly. You may have more than one device plugged in that uses the same assignments. Here is some info on how to check for that and a video on setting up devices in X-Plane 11.