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Hi, I got X-Plane 11 in early august and I love it, I am very excited for X-Plane 11.10. I have got Ortho ground textures for North America, Sadly cant fit the rest of the world. Anyways. I am not happy with the default Ground Textures and I see why Ortho is so addictive. I used to be on FSX:SE and the sim's default ground textures were better in terms of realism and overall good texturing if you know what I mean. I understand that FSX and P3D use a method where they repeat patterns and certain photoreal pictures throughout the landscape and I think thats better and I was wondering if there will be updated ground textures for X-Plane 11 in the future because Ortho is way too big.

Another thing I am wondering if you guys will be adding Seasons into the sim in the future (hopefully in the near future) and I know there are certain freeware addons for Winter but again the winter textures only add a white layer to the ground and Id like to see nice ground textures with patterns and stuff in the ground if you know what I mean. So Im wondering when we could expect seasons cause I really miss seasons.

Another big thing is Trees. Ive noticed X-Plane lacks "tree density" the trees are really skinny and dont really cover that much land which ruins the effect of it looking 3D and like an actual forest. I was wondering if the trees will be improved in the future.

2nd last, Jetways are a pain when I there is no "autogate" plugin at the certain airport. I was wondering if there will be animated Jetways added to X-Plane for every airport rather than having to use a plugin that only works at supported airports.

Lastly I was wondering if you guys are adding Real landmarks and not just the iconic ones. Im talking about reigonal areas like Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada. I remember it is in FSX by default so Im really hoping you guys will be eventually adding more real life landmarks.

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For the trees if this will help go on the main menu and click on settings then it should the the third group graphics then you can click on that it will be able to pul up a menu and then you should be able to change the number of world objects to the highest setting if you want the most of amount of trees. About land marks I will do the best one this but, I have not chosen to try this for my self there is a free addon at and someone created that had land marks imported from google maps have not tried it hope this helps, Maksim