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Every time I load a new flight in X-plane 11 the flight starts with my auto throttle on and the autopilot is stuck on wing level.  If I try changing altitude, the number changes for a second then goes right back to where it was originally.  Can't change altitude settings.   Occurs in all aircraft.  I have deleted all preference files and started over.  I uninstalled X-Plane completely and re-installed fresh copy.  Tried without any add-ons.   Disconnect Saitek autopilot hardware.  Upgraded to latest update today still have same problem.  Nothing changes.

Can anyone tell me how to turn off wing level?   

Here are my stats and log file attached.

X-Plane 11 licensed copy - 11.10r3 build 111014 64-bit
Windows 7 on a gaming Core i7

Download file

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