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I have this kind of problem too.
After the last update of X-Plane 11 done on december 11th, the program does not start anymore and shows the following message:
"There was a problem processing at GLSL pixel shader.
You may need to rerun the installer or update your graphics drivers ".
"Resources / shaders / legacy.gls"; the latter repeated twice.

I reran the installer, but nothing varied. Then I have updated the graphics card driver which is: GEFORCE GTX 1050TI (a fairly powerful card. It meets the minimum necessary requirements).
Please note that the card before the last update of X-Plane 11 worked very well.
Also, if I start the program immediately after the upgrade it works, but if I close it and then I open it again it does not work anymore and shows me the message above.

If I uninstall X-Plane completely, can I do a new installation with the same SN? Can I hope that this will work again?

Anyway this is my Log file: 

Please help


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Are you using Fly Inside? They modify our default files in order to run, and X-Plane  changed a lot of rendering code in this update.

You will need to either remove it or contact them about an update on their side.
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Hello jroberts, thanks for your quick reply, but, I must tell you that I don't have Fly Inside. I don't even know what it is.

Please note that if I launch X-Plane 11 from the installer menu the program seems to run. Unfortunately I did not have time to try it for a long time.

Thank you very much.
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The log attached to the original post shows the sim version is 11.05. Please update to 11.10 and see if it is still happening.

I also suspect you may have more than one X-Plane 11 install on your computer, and perhaps one is updated and one is not, if the installer doesn't find an update from 11.05 to 11.10.
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Hello jroberts, I'm sorry, but, to well expose the anomaly, I'm obliged not to be too concise.
I can assure you that there are no other X-Plane 11 installations on my computer.
In addition, the Log file, compiled by the program when I choose the "Fly now" option from the installer menu, reports the following: "log.txt for X-Plane 11.10r3 (build 111014 64-bit) compiled on Dec 5 2017 11: 31:47
X-Plane started on Wed Dec 13 11:31:07 2017 ".
I must add that when I start the program from the Fly Now option of the installer, the following message appears on the 3D screen of the aircraft: "XP BETAS NOT SUPPORTED.PLEASE USE STABLE VERSION".

But if I start X-Plane 11 according to the normal procedure, it stops immediately and the message "There was a problem processing at GLSL pixel shader ... etc." and the related Log file, actually returns to register the X-Plane version 11.05. As if the update was not saved.

I do not understand, I just upgraded the software when at the opening of X-Plane 11 the message came out  that there was an update I could download.
I hope that what I reported can be useful to discover the cause of the problem.
I enclose the two Log files: the one generated by the Fly Now option of the installer and the one obtained after the next opening of the program through the normal procedure.
Thanks so much


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Do you have more than one X-Plane.exe in the install? I am totally baffled by this behavior as I have never heard or seen anything like it.

My next suggestion would be to delete all the .exe files in the X-Plane folder (Plane Maker.exe, Airfoil Maker.exe & X-Plane.exe) and trying the update one more time. The installer will replace the missing .exe files and if one of them is the wrong version, it should get updated.

The old 11.05 app cannot work with the 11.10 resources for example, so perhaps this will help.
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Hello jroberts, I did what you suggested. I deleted all .exe file and did the update again.

It seems to work now. The message about a problem processing at GLSL pixel shader is not shown anymore.

Unfortunately, the message "XP BETAS NOT SUPPORTED.PLEASE USE STABLE VERSION" is still displayed, but only when I use the B777 of the Flight Factor, while with the other default aircraft does not appear. So, I think, the problem is attributable to the Flight Factor.
Thanks a lot, you have been very helpful

Have a nice day and Merry Christmas
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Had the same problem.  Read a lot on this blog and was impressed by the comment that FlyInside doesn't work with X-Plane 11.10 and we would have to wait for their update.  Also, not possible online to go back to a prior version of X-Plane.  Very discouraging, but I fortunately had purchased a set of DVDs for X-Plane after I had a previous problem with Steam (whence I purchased X-Plane the first time).  Steam told me I had to contact Laminar for help; then Laminar said because I had not purchased from them originally, they couldn't help me.  I bought the set of DVDs directly from Laminar (paying twice for X-Plane) so I would have an account with Laminar and would get some help.

The point of the above is that I just finished a clean installation of X-Plane 11.0 r1 from the DVDs into a new folder on my desktop, carefully updated the aircraft, scenery, etc. from my original X-Plane folder, and X-Plane launched with no error message.  When I launched FlyInside, however, I got the shader error message again.  So I re-installed FlyInside from their website (a new, beta version for X-Plane).  Voila!  I'm flying in VR again.

For anyone who does this, when you launch the earlier version of X-Plane, be careful not to check "update" at the prompt.  It will update you back into 11.10 and the problems will start again.  Stay with your separate X-Plane 11.0 folder until FlyInside becomes compatible with 11.10 or X-Plane releases their own VR update.

Regarding getting "legacy" DVDs from Laminar, perhaps they will recognize this major roadblock and will sell them at a reasonable price to those who already own their software.  Good luck to all with this problem!
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can anyone tell me how to go back to version 11.26?  After updating to V11.30 my flyinside won't work (as you have discussed) and Flyinside isn't supporting future updates past 11.26.

I can't use my Vive so I need to go back to v11.26