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After running Windows X-plane version 11.0 since it's initial release and the subsequent beta releases through 11.10rc3 it now will not update to version 11.10.  I have completely removed X-plane version 11.10r3 from my computer (Windows 10-64 lastest version, Ryzen 5 1600X, 16 GB Ram, RX480 8GB video card) and reinstalled X-plane 11 with purchase key which installs X-plane version 11.05.  Starting X-plane 11.05 results in a notification of an available upgrade which should be version 11.10.  However, the download installer after scanning the computer updates X-plane to version 11.10r3.  I have separately ran the latest Windows download installer and uncheck the Beta box with the same result of have version 11.10r3 installed.

Attached are the X-plane Install file and the X-plane log.txt file after running X-plane 11.05.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

imageDownload file

imageDownload file

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I am very confused by the version numbers used in this post. If you are trying to update X-Plane 10, it should update directly to the final version which is 10.51. The installer for X-Plane 10 cannot update X-Plane 11 and vice versa.

The log attached is from X-Plane 11.05. You should be able to update that copy by either starting the sim and using the prompts to auto download the installer & update, or by using the installer and picking the update option. If that doesn't seem to be working, perhaps you have 2 X-Plane installs and are trying to update the one that is already 11.10?
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Thank you for your answer.  I am sorry my initial question was so poorly written.  My issue is not being able to upgrade from X-plane 11.10 after successfully installing the initial purchased release X-plane version 11.01 and all of the subsequent beta upgrades through release candidate version 11.10r3.  Sorry for the confusion.
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Please launch the installer and pick the update option. Click through to the pick destination page. Use the "find it" button at the bottom and browse through the file picker window to pick the copy of X-Plane that you want to update.

The installer should check the files on disk, then tell you an update is available. Click the Continue button to download the update and at the end you should be able to launch 11.10 directly from the installer.

If that still doesn't work, please walk through all the steps you take with the installer to try to update. The installer log didn't show any problems so I'm baffled why it wouldn't update otherwise.
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I feel very foolish to report this, but the hardest problem to solve is when there isn't one.  I expected the installer to show it was installing X-Plane 10.10 not 10.10r3 which in fact is version 10.10 release 3 not release candidate 3 (rc3).  My confusion was partly due to the fact after updating to 10.10r3, my Flight Factor 767-300ER while it would load would not run because it interprets release 10.10r3 as a beta release.  The Flight Factor 767-300ER will only load and not run with a X-plane 11 beta release as it clearly states in an error message.   Thanks again for your help, it is very much appreciated and sorry for the wild goose chase.

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