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I'm using X-plane 11.10

Master Machine ... [#1][#2][#3] monitors   3D cockpit view(for landscape view)

External Visuals Machine ... [#4] monitor  3D cockpit view(for cockpit view)

External Visuals Machine is "Add External Visuals Machine (Independent View)" setting.

Master and External Visuals monitors are synchronized, and I can touch and control panels on Master Machine monitors [#1][#2][#3]. But when I touch and control on External Visuals Machine monitor [#4], panels are locked, I can do nothing.
Do I need to set copilot station for External Visuals Machine? or, I mistake something?

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External visuals are ment for showing (guess what?) the outside view. And only the outside view. Maybe speed and attitude data is also displayed correctly, but especially with the more complex airplane models that rely on plugins to drive custom (not X-Plane native) displays, the data is not transmitted. Try to separate your outside view from your cockpit controls and drive these displays with the external visuals pc and you are done. In this way you could even disable the rendering of the outside world to gain some fps on the master machine. I use a six monitor setup on the master machine showing only the 2D cockpit and the outside view is generated by 3 external visuals with UHD projectors. I am not sure about the 3D cockpit though, but it is worth a try.

Cheers, HellG